Hi, I am Josip Durdov.

I am a documentary-style photographer from Croatia.

Husband, friend, teacher... a lover of nature and everything that nature gives us. All this and much more are all the photos I take with my camera - natural, spontaneous, full of love.

I love meeting new people, hanging out, talking... I enjoy long walks, especially with earphones in my ears and a bit of good rock ’&’ roll, and punk, sometimes bump into some acoustics and house in that chaos of a shuffle playlist... or sometimes I like just to lay back and enjoy myself in coffee and a good whisky.

I adore all seasons, but still, I would single out spring as my favourite (although I'm allergic to pollen and dust, but I LOVE it anyway).

I don't read the horoscope, but there are some characteristics of Aries that adorn me (stubbornness, without which I wouldn't be where I am today).


1 - I'm a primary school teacher (but don't work as one anymore)

2 - Broccoli is not the only vegetable I don't like

3 - Gamer and anime/manga lover

4 - I love to keep everything as simple as it can be

5 - Can't wait to be a dad! (if I get a daughter she will wrap me around her little finger, I'm weak on children...)

6 - Anarchist in the soul

7 - Whisky enjoyer

8 - I enjoy more the whole process of brewing coffee than to drink it actually

9 - I loooooove to cook!

10 - I'm kinda lazy sometimes

How it all began

I started photography late, sometime on my 22nd birthday, and with all the support that I needed – my wife (girlfriend back then) when she helped me buy my first professional digital camera (a red Nikon D3300).

Photography was a hobby at first, something to enjoy and to relax. I loved shooting macro photos of small bugs, insects, flowers... beautiful landscapes… and then it all came together with my first paid photoshoot – a rock concert! 🎸

Imagine the happiness in my eyes.

Soon came my first wedding to attend as a photographer, and it was of my dear friends who wanted me to be their photographer and maker of memories. They really gave me to choice, to be honest. It was at their wedding I found my passion for shooting people's emotions! I always love seeing those love looks, those smiles, those little nervous moments… it gives me the chills! Not only on your wedding day, but I also get them again when I pick and edit your photos!

When that happens, and when you get the same chills looking at the pictures I took, I know I’ve made a good memory.

How's everything going

Up until now, my lens has captured a diverse array of subjects, from various objects to countless individuals. Presently, my focus predominantly revolves around documenting the joyous occasions of weddings, christenings, and the warmth of family and couple relationships. While I occasionally delve into portraiture and studio work, my true passion lies in the candid moments we create together, basking in the glow of a beautiful sunset, forging spontaneous memories that will endure a lifetime. To ensure each experience is as exceptional as it can be, I deliberately limit the number of events I undertake each year. This approach enables me to concentrate on each client, granting them the undivided attention and creative dedication they deserve. 

I firmly reject the notion of "perfection" because it is subjective, with each person possessing a unique perspective. Thus, I encourage you to embrace the best version of yourself on your wedding day.

Be genuine - Express yourself - Revel in the moment

When we celebrate your special day, there's no need for royal pretenses or uncomfortable poses. I want you to be authentically you. Whether your idea of joy involves sharing a beer at a bar, conquering a mountain, or even contemplating a skydive, I'm right there with you. Relax, relish every moment, and have a blast with your loved ones. Life's purpose lies in savoring each fleeting second, and that's precisely what I ask of you—savor your time with me, be unrestrained and spontaneous, and let's craft memories that will evoke tears of joy whenever you revisit them. Gift yourself the most genuine version of your shared moments.

Kind words:

Kind words:

“From the first photo on the beautiful Velebit to the last dance that night, Josip captured every invaluable moment and every emotion of the day in a relaxed and cheerful company. Thank you for the perfect memories of our wedding.”

Thank you for showing trust by choosing me as the person who will make the eternal memories of your wedding. I assure you that I will do my best to make your wedding day the brightest memory in your life. My style of photography is spontaneous and imperceptible, at some moments it will seem to you that I may not be there, but no worries, I always carefully watch for every tear of joy, every hug, look, kiss...

Because you and your loved ones are the most important ones that day.